For 200 years, the University of Cincinnati has determined its own destiny—rising every day, seizing every moment, and owning every experience. 

This resolve and tenacity have forged a distinct identity: Boldly Bearcat.  And it’s made possible by people like you.  People willing to build bridges, break barriers, and challenge the world to change.  People willing to be bold.

Thank you to our Bicentennial Champions for their selfless support of the historic UC Bicentennial. Your vision and generosity allowed us to honor the past, elevate the present, and bend the future. In the process, you have helped point the way toward what’s NEXT for our beloved university.   

We Would Like to Thank our Bicentennial Champions

Mr. Otto M. Budig

Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Buck Niehoff

Bob and Melissa Ambach


Mr. and Mrs. John F. Barrett

Victoria Besterman Bergman


Mr. Eric C. Broyles, Esq.


JB and Leigh Buse


Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Carper


Ms. Darlene H. Carter


Dean Emeritus Jay and Janet Chatterjee


Phil and Lela Collins


Harriet and John Courter


Mr. Christopher A. Dalambakis and Mrs. Judy Schneider Dalambakis


Mr. Robert B. Disbennett and Mrs. Elvira R. Disbennett


Mrs. Kimberlee J. Dobbs


Mr. Edward R. Donovan


Drs. Matthew J. and Mary Noon Doyle


Saralou and David Durham


Jonathan D. Emery, MD and Ms. Mary H. Curran


Marianne Scott and Drew Emmert Family


Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Ferrara


Mr. Thomas D. Freeman


Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Fritz


JoAnne Greiser and Ronald C. Nyhan


Gary and Dina Gruber


Mr. and Mrs. Fred Habegger


Ellie Hamm and John Hagner


Mr. Xiaoping Han


Jennifer L. Heisey


Mr. William E. Henrich


Tom and Marty Humes


Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Hummel


The Keefe Family


Mr. and Mrs. Lorrence T. Kellar


Dr. and Mrs. David M. Kerman


Mr. Stephen E. Kimpel


Mr. William J. Kramer, Jr.


Mark and Elisabeth Kuhlman


Dave and Judy Lance


Mr. Peter E. Landgren and Ms. Judith Schonbach Landgren


Ms. Nan G. Lanham


Rita and Jerry Leamon


Wilfried and Patricia Leder


Mr. Marc M. Levey


Carl and Edyth Linder


Dennis and Myra McEvoy


Mrs. Debra S. Merchant


Catherine C. Miller


Danute Miskinis


Mr. and Mrs. Joff P. Moine II


Anndréa M. Moore


Richard Mullen


Bill and Beth Mulvihill


Doug and Cheri Myers


Troy and Michele Neat 


Jacqueline C. Neumann


Mr. Franklin W. Nutter


Susan R. Opas, PhD


Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Orphan


Robert H. and Nancy A. Osborn


Mr. and Mrs. Gregg E. Pancero II


Heather and Marco Peña


Mr. Jon H. Pittman


Mrs. George Rieveschl


Joan and Alvin Roehr, Jr.


Steve and Heather Rosfeld


Mr. and Mrs. Ryan M. Rybolt


Erick and Christie Schmidt

Monica L. Seebohm


Mr. Frank T. Shuman


The Sloan Family


Randy and Susan Smith


Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Steger


Mike and Amy Taney


Richard E. and Cornelia P. Thornburgh


Cathy and Mike Ullman


Mrs. Brenda B. Walker


Ginger and David W. Warner 


Jeff Williams and Mayree Clark


Steve and Kathy Wilson


Greg and Christie Wolf


Ben T. Yamaguchi, Jr., MD


Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Zenz


Drs. Nancy L. Zimpher and Kenneth R. Howey


Mr. Anthony Zingale