Historic image of Old McMicken Hall


The University of Cincinnati traces its origins to the founding of the Medical College of Ohio and Cincinnati College, both founded by Daniel Drake in 1819. Drake was a visionary leader, recognized as being ahead of his time by the likes of Abraham Lincoln. In addition to founding today’s University of Cincinnati, Drake encouraged people to settle in Cincinnati and founded the city’s first circulating library.

In 1870, the City of Cincinnati established the University of Cincinnati, which absorbed both predecessor institutions. Two hundred years later, Drake’s legacy lives on. The University of Cincinnati is home to fourteen colleges, is ranked as one of America’s top 25 public research universities by the National Science Foundation, is recognized as one of Forbes Magazine’s most beautiful campuses, and has been named “Among the top tier of the Best National Universities,” by U.S. News & World Report.

Reaching our Bicentennial milestone did not happen by accident. It was the relentless passion, energy, and tenacity of hundreds of thousands of alumni who have walked this campus – leaving their mark locally, nationally, and globally. It was the drive of countless faculty to push bounds of discovery. Today, our 44,000 undergraduate and graduate students are empowered daily to challenge and change the world. We’re two centuries in, and we are just getting started.

A Timeline of 200 Years

UC’s historical web timeline, “The Ascent Across Two Centuries,” brings to light some unexpected and perhaps overlooked episodes in UC’s celebrated heritage of achievement. Rich in images and storied vignettes, the digital exhibit honors the past, elevates the present and projects a promising future.

Commemorative Books

From the Temple of Zeus to the Hyperloop
by Greg Hand

Book cover of From the Temple of Zeus to the Hyperloop by Greg Hand
"From the Temple of Zeus to the Hyperloop: University of Cincinnati Stories," reflects the breadth and diversity of the University of Cincinnati over its rich and eventful history, emphasizing just what makes UC’s history so special and inspiring—its stories. In this book anyone can find a person, whether it be the trailblazing Lucy Braun or the celebrated Carl Blegen, or a place, be it the changing landscape of Ludlow Avenue or the new frontier for the DAAP College, to which he or she can relate. From the Temple of Zeus to the Hyperloop offers each reader an inside look at the many lives that have influenced UC and the opportunity to envision how their own stories can be a part of its future.

In Service to the City
by David Stradling

Book cover of In Service to the City: A History of the University of Cincinnati by David Stradling
"In Service to the City: A History of the University of Cincinnati," the first history of the university written in over fifty years, explores the evolving, complex relationship between UC and the city of Cincinnati. It provides an unvarnished assessment of challenges and controversies related to student demographics, faculty research, curricular changes, and athletics, as well as campus architecture and planning, neighborhood relations, urban decline, and the roles of municipal, state and federal governments within higher education. In Service to the City encourages readers to consider how the University of Cincinnati – with a history so entwined with its city – can balance its urban-serving tradition with its aspiration to be a leading global research university.

Leaving a Legacy: Lessons from the Writings of Daniel Drake
by Philip Diller

Book cover of Leaving a Legacy: Lessons from the Writings of Daniel Drake by Philip Diller
Daniel Drake is most often recognized as a pioneering American physician, prolific writer and the founder of the Medical College of Ohio. “Leaving a Legacy: Lessons from the Writings of Daniel Drake” by Dr. Philip Diller, Chair, Henry R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions at UC’s College of Medicine, examines Dr. Drake’s writings in a fresh, instructive way. Over 200 years after Drake began his practice in Cincinnati, the philosophy and principles which defined him continue to be relevant to today's medical students and new doctors. Available April 2019 from University of Cincinnati Press.

Let’s be Boldly Bearcat
by Kimberlee Dobbs

Book cover of Let’s be Boldly Bearcat by by Kimberlee Dobbsr
The Bearcat takes young readers on a visual tour of the University of Cincinnati’s campus, pausing at each of the 14 colleges and regional campuses, to highlight flagship university programs and activities. Readers are invited to answer reflection questions found at the end of the book, and draw pictures to share their ideas about how they would help, teach, build, and keep healthy. A child-friendly campus map, BearCatch game stops, and a Bearcat coloring activity page complete the book.
Ideal for UC alumni to share with their young friends and family or for early readers to do on their own.