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The Bicentennial is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and we want you to be part of history! Check out ways you can be involved whether you live near or far – from social media to on-campus activities – and help us spread the word and showcase the great impact of our university. 

Bicentennial Time Capsule: Preserving and Sharing UC’s History

All members of the UC family are invited to become part of history by contributing ideas and items to be included in UC Bicentennial Time Capsule. The time capsule will be filled and sealed during our upcoming Bicentennial Homecoming Weekend festivities, to be opened by future Bearcats in 2069.

What memories and artifacts should be preserved in the UC Bicentennial Time Capsule? Do you have something you’d like to submit? Tell us your idea!

Use the form below to provide your name, preferred email, and ideas for time capsule items. Or submit via social media using #OpenIn2069.

Submission Guidelines for Ideas and Items:

  • Think big!  What message would you like to send 50 years into the future? What can we include today that would best represent UC and our Next Lives Here commitment? How do we want future Bearcats to remember us? Include details about the meaning behind your idea.
  • But think small, too!  Items must be able to easily fit into the time capsule, which is 18” wide, 24” high, and 12” deep. Larger items may need to take the form of a photo or certificate.
  • Items cannot include wood, rubber bands, batteries, staples, paper clips or any substance that could break down or leak over time, damaging the time capsule and other items in it.
  • You do not necessarily need to provide the items that you propose.
  • You may submit as many ideas as you’d like.
  • We encourage people to work together and submit on behalf of a student or community organization, office, department, class or family.


  • Newspapers, newsletters, magazines, artifacts, photos, clothing;
  • Posters and programs from various UC events;
  • Predictions for the future;
  • Personal reflections;
  • Pictures of things you think may not be here in 50 years;
  • List of current popular expressions heard on campus;
  • Photobook of campus buildings, sculptures, gardens, and people in the UC community;
  • Anything that represents the UC experience.

Submissions will be accepted through October 18, 2019. At that point, they will be reviewed by a committee of students, faculty, staff and alumni, with items identified as most reflective of UC’s first 200 years chosen for inclusion.

The UC Bicentennial Time Capsule will be housed inside the recently renovated Fifth Third Arena as part of a recognition wall honoring donors to the Bicentennial Fund. If you would like your name etched in history, go here for more information and to make your donation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a time capsule?

A time capsule is a collection of historic items or information collectively intended as a method of communication with people in the future.

When will the UC Bicentennial Time Capsule be sealed and reopened?

The UC Bicentennial Time Capsule will be sealed at the Bicentennial Bash on November 8, 2019, when we officially close out the Bicentennial year and look forward to what comes NEXT. It will be reopened for review and celebration during UC’s 250th anniversary festivities in 2069.

Who should submit items?

Anyone from the UC community and the community-at-large is invited to contribute items.

For general questions, please contact Kelly Grant at (513) 556-6294 or

Bicentennial Champion Checklist

Learn more about Bicentennial Events.

Do you love all things #Bearcats? Become a UC Champion and share the latest UC news and information on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Bicentennial Champions are charged with engaging with alumni, faculty, students, parents and fans on social media through our Elevate UC platform.

Show your support by making a gift to the UC Bicentennial Fund during the Bicentennial year. Gifts of $1819 to the Bicentennial Fund are eligible for special benefits. Give now.

Take a virtual tour of campus, peruse our social media feed, take and share selfies, and play BearCatch, an augmented reality game. Available for iOS and Droid. 

Dinner with Bearcats is an opportunity for UC alumni to host UC students for an evening of networking and socializing. Alumni interact with UC students and learn about the current student experience at UC while sharing their own stories.

Walk through UC’s history through a series of immersive experiences developed by UC’s own Center for Simulations and Virtual Environments Research. Five different experiences will be available begininng late January 2019.

The Cutting Edge

The participant is whisked through time to April 9, 1959, to appear in the laboratory of r. Albert Sabin, the inventor of the oral-polio vaccine.  Dr. Sabin asks for assistance with experiments in order to advance the distribution of the miracle-cure, including identifying the polio virus through a microscope and preparing sugar cubes for the “Sabin Sundays” vaccination events with children. This vignette commends the ingenuity of Bearcats through all eras of UC – and foreshadows additional great breakthroughs in science by UC students and staff for years to come.

Living, Learning, Leading

The classroom is the iconic location of learning, and not only has the classroom experience changed over the university’s 200 years, so have the students and faculty.  In this vignette, the participant becomes a student at the University of Cincinnati in 1819, 1919, 2019 and experiences the evolution of pedagogies and classroom technologies, as well as the changing composition of the student body.  The user can celebrate the broadly diverse student body in 2019 and experience the shift from a faculty-centered learning environment in 1819 to the fully student-centered approach of modern learning pedagogies in 2019.

Bearcat Spirit

Since the adoption of the “Baehr-Cat” in 1914, the Bearcat mascot has been a symbol of pride and accomplishment as Bold Bearcats forge new futures at the University of Cincinnati. In this vignette, the participant becomes the Bearcat in the fall of 1924 when the James Gamble Nippert Memorial Stadium opens for the first time. The Bearcat pumps up the crowd before the big game, and participates in a variety of scenes to cheer UC students, faculty, staff as they boldly serve the Cincinnati community, the region, and the world.  

Diversity & Inclusion: An Ecosystem of Inclusion

Meet alumna Marian Spencer, a lifelong champion of civil rights and the first African American woman to be elected to the Cincinnati City Council.  The participant learns more about Marian’s experience as a young black student at a still-segregated campus in 1939, and works with her to construct a vibrant exhibit that recalls the university’s civil rights history and commemorates the struggle to create a modern ecosystem of equity and inclusion in 2019 and beyond.

Campus on the Move

Evoking the joy a child feels playing with a miniature model train set, see the evolution of the University of Cincinnati’s campus in miniature, celebrating the different styles and architectures through the ages.  In each model year, the user can pick up and play with “toy” cars, trees, and other period appropriate models and details, while learning more about the history of the UC’s award-winning campus architecture as we dial through the past, present, future.

Check out the commemorative books that will be released during the Bicentennial. 

We want to hear from you! Tell us your UC Story, or nominate someone who is Boldly Bearcat.

Show your Bicentennial spirit by following us on social media, tagging your posts with #BoldlyBearcat or #200UC, and posting to your own social media channels with FlatCat. Be sure to visit all of the local restaurants participating in Bicentennial Bites.

Grab your friends, recruit your fellow alumni, tell your neighbors…and spread the word about 200 years of impact and the future of what’s next at UC! 

Download and Post with Flat Bearcat

Flat Bearcat Illustration

You’ve heard of Flat Stanley, and now there is Flat Bearcat…or FlatCat for short! Post and tag your photos to social media with #BoldlyBearcat to help us celebrate the Bicentennial all over the world.

We’re trying to get FlatCat to all fifty states and all seven continents. Can you help us make it happen? Your post could be chosen to win a prize during the course of the Bicentennial.

Bicentennial Bites 

In celebration of the Bicentennial, UC will partner with select Cincinnati restaurants to provide a special deal or commemorative UC themed menu item. When you purchase the specialty item, a portion of the proceeds will come back to UC to support scholarships. 

Now that’s #boldlybearcat.

Bearcats Give Back

Faculty and staff will have the opportunity to come together during the Bicentennial to give back to the community that we call home. UC will help support the mission of several local non-profit and community organizations by collecting in-kind donations. In addition to impacting community organizations, this effort will also bolster and amplify the impact of our own programs such as Bearcats Pantry and UC Serves.

Collection Items

  • July: Back-to-school supplies
  • September: Hoxworth blood drive
  • October: Winter coats, gloves, scarves
  • November: Hoxworth blood drive
  • December: Giving Tree

Drop-off Locations

  • TUC: Atrium Desk
  • Rec Center: CRC Front Desk
  • University Hall: Human Resources Front Desk, 3rd Floor 
  • Edwards 4: Keys & Badges Office
  • College of Medicine: Basement Rec Center

To see how you can help, contact Lauren Lantz.