UC students celebrate the Holi Festival on campus

About the Bicentennial

The University of Cincinnati traces its origins to the founding in 1819 of Cincinnati College and The Medical College of Ohio (the forerunner to today’s UC College of Medicine). January 2019 marked the 200th anniversary of the signing of the charters for both forerunners to today’s University of Cincinnati.  


The mission of the UC Bicentennial is to partner and collaborate through a yearlong celebration of activities and programs to amplify and support the strategic direction of the University of Cincinnati.


The vision of the Bicentennial is to be the pivotal moment that boldly propels the university toward our next 200 years of innovation and achievement


Honor the Past: Shine a spotlight on the history, spirit, voices and connections that have propelled UC to this historic milestone.

Elevate the Present: Empower our constituents, near and far, to celebrate and promote UC’s legacy, impact and “best-is-yet-to-come” future.

Bend the Future: Inspire everyone who encounters UC to strive for a culture of excellence and action – to learn more, to be more, to do more.

Volunteer Leadership

The University would like to thank those listed below for their passion for the University of Cincinnati and dedication to the Bicentennial. 

Bicentennial Co-Chairs

Headshot of Lela and Phil Collins

Lela and Phil Collins

Headshot of Kim and Bob* Dobbs

Kim and Bob* Dobbs

*In memory of Bob Dobbs July 1953 – December 2017

Bicentennial Committee Chairs

Headshot of Chris Dalambakis

Chris Dalambakis

Bicentennial Celebrations Committee

Headshot of Judy Dalambakis

Judy Dalambakis

Bicentennial Celebrations Committee

Headshot of Gigi Escoe

Gigi Escoe

Bicentennial Community Connections Committee

Headshot of Greg Hand

Greg Hand

Bicentennial Spirit of History Committee

Headshot of Richard Harknett

Richard Harknett

Bicentennial Legacy Committee

Headshot of Tracy Herrmann

Tracy Herrmann

Bicentennial Legacy Committee

Headshot of Patty Klingbiel Connell

Patty Klingbiel Connell

Bicentennial Marketing Committee

Headshot of Buck Niehoff

Buck Niehoff

Bicentennial Spirit of History Committee

Headshot of Alvin Roehr

Alvin Roehr

Bicentennial Sponsorship Committee

Bicentennial Staff 

  • Jennifer Heisey - Executive Director, UC Alumni Association; Vice President for Alumni Relations
  • Russell Best - Senior Director of Alumni Relations, Constituent Engagement
  • Kelly Grant - Executive Assistant
  • Danute Miskinis - Director of Programs and Community Outreach