Help Us Make History

Be Bold. Be Ambitious. Be Cincinnati.

For 200 years, the University of Cincinnati has determined its own destiny—rising every day, seizing every moment, and owning every experience. 

This resolve and tenacity have forged a distinct identity: Boldly Bearcat.  And it’s made possible by people like you.  People willing to build bridges, break barriers, and challenge the world to change.  People willing to be bold. 

This year of celebration presents a once-in-a-lifetime chance to impact UC’s future for the next 200 years.  Your support will create a legacy, showing the world that Next Lives Here, because Bearcats make it so. 

Be bold.  Make your Bicentennial gift today.  

Create a Legacy 

Your generous support will help us Honor the Past, Elevate the Present, Bend the Future and Make History.  Investment in the celebration offers the opportunity to leave a legacy, gain special access to unique experiences, and enjoy exclusive perks during our Bicentennial festivities. All levels include a variety of benefits, which vary by investment.  

Permanent Recognition

On-campus displays will be unveiled during the Bicentennial to honor and recognize our generous supporters. A legacy of your support will remain beyond the celebration.

Investment Opportunities 

If you are interested in making your impact through a corporate, organization or individual sponsorship, we can customize an opportunity for you at the following levels:

    MAKE HISTORY: $100,000

    BEND THE FUTURE: $50,000


    HONOR THE PAST: $10,000

    LEAVE A LEGACY: $1,819

Gifts of $1,819 and above to the UC Bicentennial Fund will be listed on the Bicentennial Time Capsule - recognition that will last for decades beyond the celebration.

Contact for more information.

We Would Like to Thank our Bicentennial Champions

Mr. Otto M. Budig

Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Buck Niehoff

  • Mr. Robert F. Ambach
  • Mr. and Mrs. John F. Barrett
  • Ms. Darlene H. Carter
  • Phil and Lela Collins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Carper
  • Mrs. Kimberlee J. Dobbs
  • Saralou and David Durham
  • Mr. Ralph C. Ferrara
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Fritz
  • Mr. John D. Hagner
  • Jennifer Heisey
  • Tom and Marty Humes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Hummel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lorrence T. Kellar
  • Mr. Stephen E. Kimpel
  • Mr. Peter E. Landgren and Ms. Judith Schonbach Landgren
  • Rita and Jerry Leamon
  • Mr. Marc M. Levey
  • Mrs. Debra S. Merchant
  • Danute Miskinis
  • Bill and Beth Mulvihill
  • Troy and Michele Neat
  • Mr. Franklin W. Nutter
  • Heather Pena
  • Jon H. Pittman
  • Mrs. George Rieveschl
  • Joan and Alvin Roehr, Jr.
  • Steve and Heather Rosfeld
  • Erick and Christie Schmidt
  • Mr. Frank T. Shuman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randall E. Smith
  • Richard E. and Cornelia P. Thornburgh
  • Mrs. Brenda B. Walker
  • Jeff Williams and Mayree Clark
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Zenz
  • Mr. Anthony Zingale

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