Boldly Bearcat

Boldly. It’s not a word for the timid. Or for people who prefer to experience life on the sidelines. It’s reserved for people who do more than embrace challenges. They seek them out. It’s how possibilities become achievements. Advancements are made. Milestones are reached. It is what has powered us for 200 years. As we celebrated our bicentennial, we looked back with pride and forward with great confidence because it’s a remarkable time to be a Bearcat. 

oldest public institution


living alumni worldwide


$65 million
in annual coop earnings


Lela and Phil Collins

Lela [CECH, '91] and 
Phil Collins [Bus, '89]

Kim & Bob Dobbs

Kim [CECH, 78] and 
Bob Dobbs* [Bus, '76]

*In memory of Bob Dobbs
July 1953 – December 2017.
Read more about Bob's legacy.